Vegetarian Sushi

Rolling sushi can be a lot of fun, and this chef does a great job showing each step in the process. I like the versatility of vegetarian sushi, and this recipe is very friendly to modifications, like substituting cucumber for asparagus to give it an extra crunch. Also, if you can find them, try using enoki mushrooms; they lend a richer flavor profile than portabellas.

When I became a vegetarian, giving up sushi was one of my biggest challenges, so recipes like this were a great way to satisfy those cravings. When I first served this at a party, my sushi-loving friends loved it. It takes some skill to make, but give it a shot – it’s a home run for meat-eaters and vegetarians alike.

Yes, you can make flavorful and visually exciting sushi with just vegetables. Vegetarian Sushi teaches you everything you need to know to make this delicious Japanese dish in your own kitchen. Check it out!

Vegetarian Sushi (Essential Kitchen Series)

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