Vegan “Ham” Sandwich

Looking for an easy sandwich to take to work for lunch? Look no further than this Vietnamese-inspired vegan “ham” sandwich, which is light and delicious. The ingredients can be found at any Trader Joe’s or Whole Foods, except the daikon, which may be a bit harder to come by. If you can’t find a daikon, any plain radish will do the job. This is one of the tastiest, and easiest, specialty sandwiches you’ll ever make!


1 French style roll
2 tbsp vegan mayonnaise
4 -6 slices vegetarian ham slices
3 / 4 cup curly sliced (or shredded) daikon (if you can’t find a daikon, any radish will do)
3 / 4 cup curly sliced (or shredded) carrot
4 slices of cucumber
1 / 4 cup rice vinegar or red wine vinegar
1 / 2 cup water
1 tbsp sugar
1 sprig of parsley

Preparation Process

Combine the water, vinegar and sugar in a small bowl and toss.

Add the curly or shredded daikon and the bowl and marinate for10 minutes.

Slice the French bread lengthwise and spread the vegan mayonnaise to the inside edges.

Fold in the vegetarian ham and top off with the cucumber.

Add the daikon and the carrot and top with the parsley.

Want to make this and need the written instructions? Just click here to download the full recipe.

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