Vegan Fried Chicken!

Vegan fried chicken. Those three words are rarely seen in the same sentence, much less the same recipe. But this video proves that the dish is real – and fantastic.

The chef is from Atlanta and takes a soul food approach to the dish, replicating the family dinners she enjoyed as a kid. She uses a mustard mixture as a binder for the breading, but don’t worry – the mustard is diluted enough that it doesn’t dominate the flavor and adds the perfect amount of spice.

Fried chicken isn’t a food I have cravings for, but I must admit that I miss having rich breading every once in a while, and this recipe is a perfect fix. I recently made it for non-vegetarian dinner guests, and I wished I’d captured the looks on their faces when they picked up the scent and wondered why I (of all people) was cooking fried chicken!

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