Tofu Stir-Fry with Crispy Vegetables

Stir fry dishes are most commonly associated with East Asian cooking, but they are enjoyed across Asia, using vastly different spices and vegetables. The Indian twist here is the addition of cumin and green chili, which give it an extra kick.

Chinese dishes have been exported and adapted all over the world, and I love discovering the ways that different cultures modify recipes to suit specific palates. I often check out online menus for Indo-Chinese fusion restaurants to spark new recipes of my own. If you’re feeling creative, check out fusion restaurants in your area. You may be surprised at the ideas you’ll find that are new and exciting dining adventures.!

If you are like many of my friends, you love the idea of cooking with tofu but when you get it home, it stays in the fridge until you throw it out because you are not sure how to make tasty recipes with it. This book may help. It is a classic..and this is the 25th-year anniversary edition, with many new recipes added to reflect more current tastes and trends, and to complement the old favorites.

Tofu Cookery (25th Anniversary)




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