The Day-After-Thanksgiving Breakfast Slushie

Thanksgiving is over, you’ve woken up from your food coma and it’s time to get the house back in order. Get a healthy start with this fruit slushie, which is great for hangovers (both the food and the beverage variety!). This recipe is very simple; just add pineapple, strawberries, passion fruit pulp, apricot nectar (aka apricot juice) and a lime. If any of the fruits are unavailable at your local grocer this time of year, feel free to use canned versions.

Here is the list of ingredients  (serves 10)

2 pineapples, peeled, chopped
2 small containers of strawberries, hulled
6 passion fruit, pulp removed
4 limes, juiced
26 ounces apricot nectar (juice),  chilled
3 cups crushed ice

This video uses the very funny Blender Cam, an angled overhead view of the ingredients as they’re mixed together. Get it blended and get moving!

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