Tea Sandwiches – Cucumber or Tomato

Been invited to your first holiday afternoon tea? Learn more about how tea sandwiches are served here. Who knew the cucumber ones should be triangle-shaped and the tomato ones are square… so it is easier to pick what you want?

If you are planning a holiday tea event, learn how to make delicious tea sandwiches here. I must say I found this video very educational. Did anyone else know exactly how tea sandwiches are really made?

Her tips for slicing the bread, cucumbers, and vine ripened tomatoes are very valuable. She even recommends a certain kind of cucumber for thin slices that really work for this recipe.

This very lovely blue rose chintz tea set reminds me of a set my grandmother used to have. It is an 11-piece set that includesĀ  the Teapot, Sugar, Creamer and Four 7 Ounce Cups and Saucers.

Take a look if you (or someone you care about) would love a new set!

Gracie China Blue Rose Chintz 11-Piece Tea Service, 4-Cup Teapot Sugar Creamer and Four 7-Ounce Cups and Saucers

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