Szechuan Green Beans

If you enjoy Chinese-style greens, check out this recipe for Szechuan green beans. This dish  can be served over rice, with tofu or both. I love the style of these chefs’ videos; they usually show the ingredient list up front with pictures and text, instead of as a simple written list. They’re very entertaining and easy to follow.

Realizing that chili sauce isn’t for everyone,  I was happy to find that it can be removed without reducing the complexity of the flavors. I recommend serving this dish as a side to a less spicy Chinese entree to balance the overall taste of the meal.

I love exploring new recipe ideas. If Chinese vegetarian cuisine is of interest, take a look at this book. It contains as 200 exciting vegetarian recipes–many of which make use of commonly available ingredients–and describes the techniques used to prepare them.


From the Earth: Chinese Vegetarian Cooking

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