Sooji Dhokla – An Indian Appetizer

Dhokla is a dish that originates from northwest India. It’s typically made with rice and dal, but this recipe shows how to speed up the cook time by replacing them with sooji (more commonly known as semolina). The rest of the ingredients are common, except for the Eno fruit salt, which I would strongly recommend replacing with baking powder – for both practicality and flavor. This dish doesn’t take long to cook, but it may pose a challenge for newcomers to Indian cooking. Fortunately, the chefs in this video are great teachers and make it a simple step-by-step process.

Next time some unexpected guests show up, serve this delicious “Instant Dhokla” with tea and impress them!

The chefs in the video use cooking plates that are specifically designed for dhoklas, but idly cookers are easier to find and just as useful. Check out the great ily/dhokla cooker here.Matbah 6-Plates Racks Stainless Steel Idly Cooker, 24 Idlis

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