Simple Greek Salad

Feeling green? Check out this simple Greek salad, which is easy to prepare and contains some elegant decorative touches. It also has a secret ingredient in the oregano, which I had never thought to add to a Greek salad and adds a subtle kick.


4 ripe tomatoes
1 red onion
1 cucumber
1 green pepper
1 red pepper
8 ¾ ounces feta cheese
3 ½ ounces black olives
½ lemon
2 2⁄3 ounces olive oil
1 tbsp oregano
Salt and pepper to taste

Preparation process

Cut off the tops and bottoms of the tomatoes and discard, then cut the tomatoes into chunky, cube-shaped pieces.

Slice the onion in half, cut into thin slices.

Peel half of skin of a cucumber from top to the bottom, creating a striped pattern by peeling, skipping a strip of the cucumber, then peeling the next section. Cut off both ends of the cucumber slice it in half, lengthwise. Finally, cut into cubes.

Cut the red pepper into large slices, discarding the seeds. Cut the slices in half, then cut into cubes. Repeat this process with the green pepper.

Mix the tomatoes, cucumber and peppers into a large bowl, then add the oregano, black olives and salt and pepper to taste.

Pour olive oil and squeeze a lemon over the top of the salad. Top with feta cheese and serve.

Want to make this and need the written instructions? Just click here to download the full recipe.

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