Real fruit….frozen watermelon slushy…great summer treat!

Love frozen fruit? If you haven’t tried, it, it is such a refreshing treat on a hot summer day. This watermelon slushy has great texture, almost like soft serve ice cream. It is super easy to make and has no extra sugar. Enjoy!

1 seedless watermelon
liquid (water, juice, alcohol if desired) The chef uses sour apple pucker.

Preparation steps:
Cut the watermelon in half.
Using a large spoon or melon baller, scoop out the watermelon. Add it to a large bowl.
Place it in a large tray or pan in a single layer.
Freeze the container overnight or until completely frozen.

Decide how many slushies you will make now. Bag the rest in plastic freezer bags for later use. (You’ll be glad you have these on the next hot day when you are looking for a healthy treat!)

Add the frozen watermelon to the blender.
If needed, add a few drops of liquid (water or fruit juice) if needed. Do not add too much liquid during blending or the slushy will be too watery. Allow the watermelon to thaw out a little if blending is hard to do.
Blend until smooth.
Pour into tall glasses. Garnish with a half slice of watermelon.
Serve immediately.

Add a splash of juice or alcohol to the top if desired.
Need the written recipe? Click here to download.

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