Raw Strawberry Shortcake (Fast and Easy)

 In a video with only music and images (no voice), Chef Storm shows us how to make this fast and easy raw strawberry shortcake. This recipe is a great fast summer dessert option that serves 4-6.


Fresh strawberries (20-30)
3 cups of your favorite nuts
1 handful of dates
2 tablespoons of agave or honey (use agave if you want to create the vegan version)
2 dashes of sea salt
Dash of olive oil

Preparation Process:

Add the nuts to your food processor
Add the dash of salt
Grind to a powder. Set aside in a bowl
Pit the dates; add them to the food processor and blend until mushy
Add the nuts to the dates in the food processor and blend
Add a spoonful of agave or honey to the food processor. Process until soft and doughy
Put the cake-like batter into a large bowl
Add a handful of strawberries to the food processor. Process until chunky
Put the rest of the strawberries into the food processor. Add the 2nd teaspoon of agave or honey. Add the dash of olive oil and salt to the processor. Blend until creamy.
Add processed strawberries (Do not blend).
Pour strawberries over the cake mix. Mix together well.

Looking for the written recipe? Click here to download.

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