Lunchtime Veggie Quesadilla

Ready to make lunch for tomorrow? This veggie quesadilla can be cooked in the morning and taken to work for an easy and affordable lunch or mid-day snack. It has plenty of protein from the beans and cheese, and plenty of vegetables with the olives, onions and guacamole. I like the way the chef in the video closes the recipe by showing how to keep the quesadilla fresh inside Tupperware. She cooks the tortilla with butter, but I’ve found that virgin olive oil makes for a fine alternative.

When I make this quesadilla with olive oil, I use black olives instead of green; the oil complements black olives perfectly, and green olives tend to overpower the quesadilla’s more subtle flavors. Eat it at lunch with a tomato salad and you’ll be energetic and focused all afternoon.

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