Low-Calorie Popcorn Recipes for Sports Lovers!

Football season is right around the corner, so this is a perfect time to look at low-fat snacks to enjoy with your family during the game. Mmm…popcorn. It’s just one of those snacks that you cannot live without. The smell of the buttery goodness travels for miles and the scent immediately makes your mouth water.

This video shows how to make three different kinds of popcorn – two savory and one sweet – all of them sure to satisfy the sports lover in your life.

This is also ideal for home movie watching or for a children’s snack. Sit back on the couch, relax and enjoy a low-calorie salty treat!

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Are you looking for great ideas for healthy snacks? I just came across this recently-published Kindle book ($.99) that has many snack recipes that are tasty as well as healthy… including popcorn. Check it out.


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