Indoor Grilled Tomatoes and Asparagus

If you miss the taste of outdoor grilled veggies during the winter months, this recipe is for you!

All you need is a Foreman grill (but any high-quality indoor grill will work), asparagus, tomatoes, salt, pepper and oil. The chef in the video does a great job in showing the cooking technique, specifically how to grill the veggies without burning them or under cooking them and making the mushy. I recommend cooking with thicker tomato slices to ensure that they come out firm, and adding some mushrooms as a textural contrast.

If you don’t have a Foreman grill, this is a great reason to check them out. I like this 60-square inch model, because it can cook healthy amounts of veggies without taking up too much space. CYou can check it out here:

George Foreman GR20B Family-Size 60-Square-Inch Nonstick Grill

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