How to peel, slice and dice a watermelon

It’s 4th of July weekend…and all summer long, we love watermelon!

Here is a top chef’s take on how to peel, slice and dice a whole watermelon that can later be used in a fruit salad or fruit tray. Great for those great summer outings and get togethers.

Key steps:

  • The first step is to remove the rind or “peel”. Start by cutting off both ends (a process called tailing).
  • Then stand it on one end.
  • Slice off the outer rind down to the red inside, following the round contour of the melon. Continue until the entire melon is peeled.
  • Peel off any remaining rind missed during this process.

If you are dicing the melon for a fruit salad, square off the ends. Cut the melon in even slabs, stacking the slices together. Then slice as thinly as desired. Holding the melon section with your fingers, cross cut the strips to create diced sections.

If the melon is for a fruit platter, slice it into quarters lengthwise and lay on its side. Cut into even slices, about 1/4″-1/2″ thick, using your index finger to hold the melon slices together. When sliced properly, you’ll be able to fan the watermelon and have it stand on its own, making a beautiful presentation.

Need the written instructions? Download here.

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