Gujarati Undhiyu (Part Two)

The chefs in this video say that Gujarati Undhiyu was the most-requested recipe among their fans and for good reason. It’s a delicious, vegetable-heavy dish, with a potato base to add a reasonable amount of starch.

Undhiyu is commonly eaten throughout all of India, and the variety shown in this video is hugely popular in the western coastal regions. If you have South Asian guests over for dinner, this’ll make a great way to show off your kitchen prowess.

Preparation of undhiyu can pose a bit of a technical challenge for newcomers, but if you’ve gotten the hang of Indian cooking, it’ll be a snap.

I know from experience that Indian cooking at first can seem a bit daunting because the list of ingredients can go on forever, but once you get a few basic staples it’s really very simple, even for an inexperienced cook. This author makes it  very easy to understand. So take a look!

Vegan Indian Cooking: 140 Simple and Healthy Vegan Recipes

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