Garden Vegetable Soup

Want a simple soup to take to work? This garden vegetable soup that only requires some everyday vegetables, a blender and, if you like, some avocado to add a creamy texture and a small portion of fat. I like the way the chef shows alternatives to some of the vegetables, in case not all of them are in season (or you just don’t like any of them!).

This is a nice soup to take to work; it’s meant to be eaten cold, but could be heated, based on your preference. I recommend making it the night before (it shouldn’t take more than ten minutes or so) and bringing it to work. Just be prepared for your coworkers to ask you for a taste!

If you love great soup recipes, check this one out. It has simple but really delicious recipes using just a few ingredients…no long, complicated instructions and/or hard-to-find ingredients.

Vegan Soups and Hearty Stews for All Seasons

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