Easy Vegetable Soup (frugal recipe)

Today the “frugal chef” shows us how to make a delicious, nutritious soup inexpensively. If you have little bits of this and that vegetable in the fridge,  don’t throw them out!. Make a veggie soup! You could add butternut squash, cabbage, zucchini, peppers, corn, broccoli, cauliflower, carrots…whatever you have on hand or select from your garden or local farmer’s market. Spice it up with your favorite herbs (cilantro, thyme, marjoram, basil, etc.)

If you want to keep it completely vegetarian or vegan use water or vegetable stock instead of the chicken stock she uses. Serve with some great crusty bread for a great dinner meal.

With over 280,000 views, you can’t go wrong with this recipe. The full recipe and instructions are provided on her site here. Enjoy!

If you love great soups, check out this vegetarian soup cook book. The author has taught cooking for 27 years and is a lecturer, television personality, and the author of 10 cookbooks..and everyone raves about the clean design and beautiful photos in this book.

A Beautiful Bowl of Soup: The Best Vegetarian Recipes

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