Cookie and Cream Easter Eggs

Vegan and Healthy Easter Eggs

For everyone celebrating Easter around the world, here’s a quick and fairly simple homemade chocy egg recipe created by Ela Gale, from New Zealand  Yum… have some fun with the kids, watch the video, and make these together.
These cookies and cream Easter eggs are so delicious!! They are made with Oreos, which are sneakily vegan so this recipe is completely vegan which is awesome.
They are also a bit of a healthier option that conventional Easter eggs too as they have coconut cream instead of dairy cream, dark chocolate which is lower in sugar and only about 3-4gm of sugar in total.
But mainly they just taste great and are pretty easy to make. (Ella, thanks. They are delicious!)

Homemade vegan Easter eggs recipe:

1 block dark chocolate
1 cup coconut cream
2 tsp icing sugar
1/4 tsp xanthan gum
6 Oreos approx.
You will also need a egg mould, a bowl and pot to use as a double boiler and a beater for whipping the mixture.

Enjoy!  Happy Easter


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