Chocolate Smoothie (non-dairy)

Have a craving for chocolate? This simple, non-dairy smoothie recipe has only 4 ingredients: Cashews, dates, chocolate powder and water. This inventive chef also shows to adapt the smoothie into chocolate “ice cream” (and ice cubes!) for a low-calorie sweet when you’re on the go. You can decrease the fat content by replacing the cashews with a less oily nut.


  • 1 cut nuts (She uses cashews. We can also use almonds  or other nuts)
  • Dates, pitted (She uses 3 for sweetness; adjust to your taste). Tip: Make sure the dates are pitted to avoid damage to your blender.
  • 3 cups water
  • 1 tablespoon chocolate powder (adjust to taste)

Preparation process

Add nuts, pitted dates, water, and chocolate powder to blender; blend well.

You can freeze the mixture to make chocolate” ice cream” or pour it into an ice cube tray to make a sweet treat as a substitute for a chocolate bar.

New!  You can download the recipe here.

If you’re a coconut/almond milk fan like me, this smoothie will provide you with a nice break from the usual almond and coconut milk-based shakes. You can also heat it up as an alternative to cocoa during the winter. Bottoms up!

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