Carrot Halwa (Gajar Halwa)

Carrot Halwa is the most famous traditional North India dessert. Made from freshly grated carrots, cooked in milk and full of nuts and raisins, it is loved by many. It has a moist yet flaky texture when freshly prepared and bears some resemblance to a pudding.

The chef provides a tip for grating the carrots: Use a large grater so that the carrots are not too fine.

Cooking time is 25 minutes. Serves 4. This dessert can be stored in the refrigerator and heated again before serving.


2  cardamoms, skinned and crushed fine
4  cups carrots, grated finely
1  tbsp. cashews
1 tbsp. chopped almonds
3  tbsp. curdled milk or ricotta cheese
2 tsp. ghee(clarified butter)
4  cups milk
1 tsp. raisins
1 cup sugar


Add the ghee to a large pan. Add the cashews, almonds, and raisins
Lower the heat and add the grated carrots.
Lower the heat and add the milk over low heat, stirring constantly.
Add sugar. Then add the curdled milk or ricotta.
Add the sugar after the carrots are fully cooked. Cook for a few more minutes on low heat.
Add curdled milk or ricotta cheese. Mix in well.
Add cardamom powder.

Serve hot.

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