Butternut Squash Soup

There is nothing like a good butternut squash soup to usher in cooler weather. I just attended a potluck over the weekend where I went back for seconds of her great squash soup. She added pine nuts that were an amazingly great touch. Yum!

Use vegetable stock for this one. Another idea is to switch out some of the butternut squash with sugar pumpkin or acorn squash for a little different flavor.

Some garnish ideas include a dollop of sour cream, plain yogurt, or creme fraiche.  A sprinkle of minced cilantro or thyme is also tasty.

You can also create a protein packed version by adding up to 8 oz. of soft or silken tofu into the soup. Be sure to whirl it in a blender or food processor for a full minute or so to fully incorporate the tofu.

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