Broccoli Soup with Goat Cheese

All of us know about broccoli’s nutritional benefits, but it can be a challenge to find an easy broccoli meal that doesn’t skimp on the flavor. The chef demonstrates how to maximize the taste of broccoli by seasoning while the broccoli boils instead of waiting until it’s already cooked. It’s also wonderfully simple; the only ingredients are broccoli, salt, goat cheese and walnuts. It’s very inexpensive to make but the finished product will make it look like you spent a fortune!

I love a good vegetable soup and I’m on the lookout for new recipes all the time, but I hadn’t found an exceptional broccoli soup recipe until I saw this one. It’s a tasty way to get a full serving of vegetables – and I can tell you firsthand that your guests will be impressed!

Check out this great soup recipe book. What you’ll find here is page after glorious page of the loveliest, most delicious soups and stews – each and every one entirely vegetarian!

A Beautiful Bowl of Soup: The Best Vegetarian Recipes

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