5 Tips for Embracing Change

Change is something we deal with every day and we typically do not embrace it. What is that saying “No one likes change but a baby with a wet diaper…and sometime she does not like it either!”?

Somehow we perceive change as “bad”. So things such as that detour due to construction on our way to work, a friend announcing she is taking a new job and moving away, or our favorite store changing its hours are perceived as negative.

Actually change brings many opportunities: for growth, new learning, new paths to try. It may not look like this on the surface, but there is a lesson and opportunity none the less.

Here are 5 tips for embracing change in a healthy way:

1:  Consider that the best things in life happen when unexpected changes arrive. Change forces us to re-evaluate what is truly important and change our priorities if necessary. Maybe something important in your life has been neglected and this is the time to do something about it.

2: Look for the positive in the change…not only for you but for others in your life. Who knows what other very positive changes  may come from this for others, perhaps even people you do not know.

3:  Don’t let your worries about a change spoil your family life or relationships with others. Keep a calm perspective and keep moving forward.

4: Engage with your changing surroundings instead of raging against them.  Work actively and positively with the changes.

5. Here is one thing that works for me: Spend 5 minutes every morning envisioning all the positive things you want to do this day, the things that are in your control.  Throw out any negative thoughts that come up and dwell on the positive.

Here is a challenge for today: Try shifting your perspective on just one thing and view that change as healthy and bringing an opportunity.

Imagine what is possible if we can just view change differently!


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