A Vegetarian Thanksgiving! Day 1: Cranberry Chutney

Chutney, as you likely know, refers to a wide-ranging family of condiments from South Asian and Indian cuisine that usually contain a mixture of spices and vegetables and/or fruit.

Wondering why chutney is included in our Thanksgiving recipe series? This chutney is unique; it takes the traditional cranberry sauce and takes it into a new direction.

The chef describes this as his favorite chutney recipe, and after seeing his reaction after getting a taste, it’s easy to see why. Definitely one of the more entertaining chef performances you’ll see on this site!

I chose this chutney to open our Thanksgiving series because cranberries were the Thanksgiving side I craved the most I was a kid. Like most of you, I’ve a huge fan of Indian cooking, this recipe is a natural fit to bridge the gap between old and new family traditions. This one may well become a tradition for you.

Share this one with friends and family looking to add something new to their holiday meal this year.

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